un monstre à paris

When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.
Oh, when you used to sing it to sleep.
Caitlyn Siehl




The movie begins with the inventor and deliveryman Raoul and his best friend, Emile, a projectionist, making a delivery to a famous scientist’s home. Finding the home empty and the scientist absent, Raoul and Emile roam around the scientist’s things, and Raoul attempts an experiment that, accidentally, ends up transforming a flea into a seven-foot-tall “monster.”

They soon realize that the beast is not as menacing as it appears. Infact the insect has human qualities and artistic temperament. While the humongous flea frightens Parisians, with his presence, a nightclub’s lovely young singer Lucille makes an incredible discovery: the monster has a beautiful voice. They become friends: she calls him Francoeur, dresses him up, and makes him part of her lounge act, and the duo is an immediate success. But the local politician don’t see this side of the “monster” and want to run him out of the city, or worse, kill him, for their agenda. It will be up to Lucille, Emile, Raoul, to protect Franc and prove everyone wrong.

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Movie Info

An oversized bug is caught up in a most unexpected adventure in this animated comedy. It’s 1910, and Raoul is a Parisian delivery man by day and scientist by night who is determined to brainstorm an important new invention. With the help of his friend Emile, a cinema projectionist with women on the brain, Raoul attempts an experiment in a greenhouse that has an unexpected side effect — a tiny flea has suddenly expanded until it’s seven feet tall. The enormous flea gets loose and it’s not long before word is out that a monstrous bug is haunting Paris. However, while mean-spirited politician Victor tries to snare some publicity by making people afraid of the bug before he catches it, Lucille, a pretty nightclub performer, makes a surprising discovery — the big flea is not only gentle and friendly, he’s a gifted guitar player, and decked out in a suit and a hat, he’s soon impressing patrons as part of her act. Un Monstre a Paris (aka A Monster In Paris) was written and directed by Bibo Bergeron, returning to France after directing several successful features in the United States. The original French voice cast includes Gad Elmaleh, Sebastien Desjours, Ludivine Sagnier and Francois Cluzet, while the English language version features Adam Goldberg, Jay Harrington, Catherine O’Hara and Danny Huston; Vanessa Paradis voices Lucille in both versions. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi