veloce come il vento

It is conventional to call monster any blending of dissonant elements. I call monster every original inexhaustible beauty.
Alfred Jarry

Matteo Rovere’s Veloce Come Il Vento is a film about a family which does not know anything else but the speedy track and spirit to win bigger races. However, there was one thing about Rovere’s film – it was not just a cliché; it had an excellent story, twist and turn, and absolutely incredible film inside and out, every viewer, no doubt will appreciate.

Giulia is a 17-year old teenager who now took over the family legacy to continue winning as many championships as they can. The reason for that is very simple: her father owes money to a local, who will take their house away if the debts are not paid. But tragedy, as you know, never comes alone as Giulia’s father dies while his daughter was on the track. Left alone in the whole world with her little brother, the young girl must face the challenge to win the race at any cost, but also deal with her drug-addict brother, Loris, who in the past was a champion as well.

Everything happens when the movie begins, when the head of the family passes away and the absolutely unreliable and under drugs, Loris, appears at the funeral of his brother. His 10-years of absence was quite noticeable when he did not even know that he had a ten-year-old brother. Now that Romeo can be taken away from his eldest sister, Giulia agrees to allow Loris to stay in the house with his girlfriend Annarella who can’t imagine her life without drugs. But when things calm down a bit, Loris learns that the house might be gone if Giulia don’t win the race…

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Movie Info

The young Giulia has a passion for engines in the blood: after all his father Mario was one of the strongest rally drivers ever. Forced to retire, the man will leave his sporting inheritance to his daughter, making her help to emerge in a very sexist environment by Uncle Loris, an eternal and unreliable Peter Pan but with an exceptional talent for engines …

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